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20 years of LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort

On 17 May 2002, LEGOLAND® Deutschland opened its doors for the first time in Günzburg. Millions of LEGO® fans could now immerse themselves in the unique world of these colourful bricks. Over the last 20 years, the park has added many new features and attractions for the whole family. Right next to the park there is also a unique holiday village offering lovingly created themed castles, hotels, and rooms.

Take a look at the highlights of the last 20 years!

LEGOLAND Baustelle 1080X1080


The opening

After a construction period of around 19 months, the park opened on 17 May.

After breaking ground for the first time, plenty of planning and building took place. Alongside the construction of streets and parking spaces, entire cities were created in MINILAND and a knight's castle was built in the park. A jungle world was created, roller coasters were built, playgrounds were created, and much more. Countless LEGO bricks and many tireless workers were required to bring this dream to life.

LEGOLAND MINILAND Miniature World Neuschwanstein Castle


A fairytale castle arrives

The famous Neuschwanstein Castle moves into MINILAND as a LEGO® model, complete with a mountain vista.

This faithful reproduction of the fairytale castle was built on a scale of 1:30 using more than 300,000 LEGO bricks. Our Neuschwanstein Castle sits proudly with a length of 4.5m and a height of 3m. Six model designers worked on the castle for six months.

LEGOLAND Rides Power Builder


The robots are coming

Opening of the Power Builder, Germany's first robot ride. One of a kind!

In the converted industrial robots you can decide for yourself how spectacularly you are whirled through the air.

Have you been brave enough to take on a trip in the Power Builder?

LEGOLAND MINILAND Miniature World Allianz Arena


The largest LEGO® football stadium in the world

The Allianz Arena in MINILAND opens.

The LEGOLAND Allianz Area was built according to the original construction plans using 1 million LEGO bricks. It has an incredible footprint of 5 x 4.5m, a height of 1m, and weighs an impressive 1.5 tonnes.

Fun fact: The Allianz Arena in MINILAND opened two weeks before the real Allianz Arena in Munich.



Watch out, it's about to get wet - and the football stars are arriving.

The DUPLO Water Playground and the Gallery of Football Stars celebrate their premiere at LEGOLAND Deutschland.

During summer, the DUPLO Water Playground is a must: here, water babies can splash around to their heart's content.

And there's something for the football fans too. For the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the Gallery of Football Stars opened - featuring legends such as Zidane, Ronaldinho, and Beckenbauer. All made out of LEGO bricks, of course.

LEGOLAND Themed World Pirate Land



Ahoy landlubbers! With the eighth themed area, PIRATE LAND, buccaneers arrived in LEGOLAND Deutschland to whisk guests away to a world of sea-faring outlaws and pirate captains.

Captain Nick's Splash Battle promises refreshment for young and old.

LEGOLAND Holiday Village - Castles  - Exterior view


The world's first LEGOLAND® Holiday Village

Spend the night in a unique LEGO® world: whether you opt for the LEGO themed house, the knight's tent, or the campsite - a truly unforgettable holiday experience was guaranteed when the world's first LEGOLAND Holiday Village opened right next to the LEGOLAND park on 18 June 2008.

LEGOLAND ATLANTIS by SEA LIFE großes Aquarium mit Unterwasserwelt im LEGOLAND



More than 2,000 sea creatures arrive in the park in the LEGOLAND® ATLANTIS by SEA LIFE®. LEGOLAND visitors are immersed in a LEGO® underwater world that is unique in Germany, offering a new home to breathtaking LEGO models and a range of tropical underwater creatures that are just as colourful.

Piratengolf 1080X1080


The golfers are loose in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village

After your adventures in the park, why not enjoy a fun round of mini golf with the family, before drifting off to sleep in the unique LEGO accommodation options? This became a possibility in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village from 2010.

LEGOLAND Holiday Village - Bowling Center


Score a strike in the new bowling centre and travel to infinite galactic expanses

Eight brand-new bowling lanes with a pirate look provide endless bowling fun at the LEGOLAND Bowling Center in the Holiday Village and allow guests to extend their leisure activities after a stay in the park.

MINILAND receives an intergalactic expansion Iconic and gripping scenes from a well-known sci-fi saga arrive in LEGOLAND Deutschland.



Happy Birthday and a wild flight through the air in the Flying NINJAGO®

The LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort celebrates its tenth birthday.

The anniversary is celebrated in a colourful way and the Flying NINJAGO® ride opens. A flight at a height of more than 20 metres and the possibility of rotating around your own axis promise plenty of adrenaline rushes.

Ritterburg 1080X1080


The first castle opens in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village, and guests go on a treasure hunt in the PHARAOHS' LAND

A dream for knights and princesses: the Knight's Castle opens its doors in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village. The rooms feature lovingly created themes and numerous LEGO models, allowing guests to spend the night in a unique LEGO knight's world.

In the new 6,000m2 PHARAOHS' LAND, guests can embark upon a treasure hunt in a mystical Egyptian temple. The interactive indoor attraction promises pure excitement.

LEGOLAND Königsburg 1080X1080


The next castle arrives

The knight's castle gets great company just one year later: the King's Castle offers space for about 280 princes and princesses and has a restaurant and a bar.

In addition, a cinematic film is shown at LEGO® Studios for the first time: "The LEGO Movie" comes to the big screen of the park's own cinema.

LEGOLAND Police Station Indoor


Police Station

Stop - thief! Young and old LEGOLAND guests alike can go on a wild manhunt in the crazy LEGO City Police Station.

Spend the night in camping barrels

A truly unique overnight accommodation option has been waiting for LEGOLAND guests since 2015. Camping barrels for up to four people expand the capacity of the Holiday Village.

High Five 1080X1080


20 million guests

Crazy! The 20 millionth guest visits LEGOLAND!

Eight-year-old Silas is amazed: as he passes through the turnstile at the park entrance, a rain of confetti suddenly falls on him and he is greeted by celebratory music.

High Five

The "High Fives" now dominate the MINILAND skyline at LEGOLAND Germany. Five of the world's tallest skyscrapers can now be admired at LEGOLAND - built using 400,000 LEGO bricks on a scale of 1:150.

STARS Grill House

One of the three park restaurants receives a cool new look. The STARS Grill House invites little ones and grown-ups to enjoy delicious dishes such as burgers, pasta, and salads.



Ninja - go!

At LEGO® NINJAGO® WORLD, the ninja training starts: the spectacular LEGO® NINJAGO® WORLD themed area and interactive 4D LEGO NINJAGO The Ride will make children's hearts beat faster.

In the outdoor space of the new LEGOLAND area, young and old ninjas alike can practice important ninja skills at various stations.

LEGOLAND Holiday Village - Pirate Island Hotel - Playground


LEGOLAND® Pirate Island Hotel

The Pirate Island Hotel opens in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village. The whole area is modelled on a buccaneer island. The hotel has 142 themed rooms in two building sections and can accommodate 594 young and old pirates.

In addition, the "Pirate Tavern" restaurant - with 320 seats indoors and 120 outdoors - opens on the ground floor of the hotel.

LEGOLAND Themed World Pharaohs Land



Two new rides - the Pyramid Rallye and the Desert X-cursion - turn the REALM OF THE PHARAOHS, which was created in 2013, into the new PHARAOHS' LAND. Here, visitors can experience desert adventures at lofty heights and plenty of action.

LEGO NINJAGO World Spinjitzu Spinner LEGOLAND Rides


Now it's all happening!

The newest ride, Lloyd's Spinjitzu Spinner in LEGO NINJAGO WORLD, lets younger NINJAGO fans prove their mettle and take the first step on the path to becoming a Spinjitzu master.

Planet LEGOLAND 01


Rebuild The World and LEGO MYTHICA in MINILAND

Let your imagination run wild: young and old guests alike can do this at "Rebuild the World - Planet LEGOLAND". In the new creative centre, there are no limits to your building skills.

In MINILAND, the mythical creatures of LEGO Mythica can now be found amidst the LEGO landscapes. They can be brought to life on a smartphone using a digital feature in the LEGOLAND app.

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