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Here you will find all the information you need for your visit to the park.

Whether you arrive by car, train, bus or plane, it is really easy to find LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort. Munich and Stuttgart are each only approx. 1.5 hours away by car. It will only take you approx. one hour to get here from the Allgäu.

» Additional information

There are more than 4,000 parking spaces available for a parking fee of € 10. Motorhomes can park in special parking bays.

Get your parking ticket here

Electric vehicle charging station
A charging station with two IEC type 2 charging points (max. 22.0 kW) is available for electric vehicles in the LEGOLAND car park.
It is not possible to book in advance. Availability cannot be guaranteed.

In which languages is the LEGOLAND app available?
The LEGOLAND Deutschland App is currently available in German and English. To use the English version of the app, please change the system language of your smartphone to English.

Do I have to sign up or log in to use the app?
You can use the functionalities of the app without signing up.

Why does the app require permission to track my location?
If you grant the app access to the location services, you will be able to use the way finding services in the park and view queue times for rides.

If I didn't give the app permission to use my location during set up, can I change these settings later?
Yes, on the home screen there will be a note highlighted in red which allows you to grant permissions for location service.

Does the app show how to navigate to the different destinations?
If you allowed location access, you will be able to use way finding once you are on site.

Can I view queue times outside of the park?
Queue times will only be visible when you are in the park after you have granted access to the location services.

Can I buy LEGOLAND tickets via the app?
Yes, there are a number of tickets which can be purchased via the app.

Does the app work on tablets?
The app has been optimized for usage on mobile phones.

We also provide excellent facilities for very young visitors. HiPP offers comprehensive service for parents and babies in the HiPP Baby Service area. There is a wide range of baby and toddler food products available for both babies and toddlers – as well as free advice. You will find the HiPP Baby Service in the IMAGINATION section near the DUPLO® play area and the Pizza Mania! restaurant. Apart from that, the toilets in the park also all have changing stations.

The park is fully accessible in all respects. Any visitors requiring assistance should approach the staff on the individual activities and attractions for help with getting around the park safely. A free information brochure is available from the information booth at the ENTRANCE or online here.

We offer severely disabled or mentally handicapped people a fast track option. It is designed for guests with severe disabilities (physical or mental) to grant access to our attractions more easily and more comfortably. Thanks to this wristband (you can download the form here), you will be able to get to the front of the queue quicker and will not have to wait in line for long. You can get the wristband at the ENTRANCE AREA upon presentation of your severely disabled card, of aG, H or G classification in combination with B. Wheelchair users also require the wristband for a special access to the attractions.

Wheelchairs are available free of charge in limited numbers at the the Express Pass desk (ENTRANCE AREA) without reservation.

Disabled guests from 2 years will need a regular online ticket. Adult accompanying persons of disabled with a B or H notice in the disabled ID receive free entrance and free parking.
Please present the disabled ID at the turnstiles.

It is extremely important to us that your visit is both carefree and - above all - safe. For safety reasons, there are age and height restrictions on some of the attractions. You can download an up-to-date list of the restrictions.

» Attractions with restrictions

Please hand in any items you may find to the information desk at the entrance. Please also report any lost items there. If you find out you have lost something when you get home, you can use our Online Lost-Property Office to regain lost items.

We can send you any valuables for a small delivery fee (starting at 20 Euros).


There is an ATM from the Sparkasse installed right next to the entrance.

Payment options

At all our restaurants and the ticket booths we accept cash and also accept payment by debit card, VISA, Mastercard and JCB. At our mobile sales booths, unfortunately it is only possible to pay with cash.

Oh no, you have broken your arm or your leg before your visit and have to wear a plaster cast? The plaster cast is supposed to keep the fracture point secure and in place. This does not go well with all of our attractions. According to manufacturer and TÜV regulations, it is prohibited due to safety reasons to use certain rides with injuries like bone fractures or ligament stretches.

We have created a list of attractions which can be used with plaster cast for better orientation: Harbour Cruise, LEGO® Factory, LEGOLAND® Express, Royal Joust, Pedal-A-Car, LEGO® City Police Station Labyrinth, LEGO® Building Fun, Observation Tower (not recommended), DUPLO® Express, Desert X-cursion (not recommended), Temple X-pedition, Safari Tour, LEGOLAND® ATLANTIS by SEA LIFE®, LEGO® Studios, LEGO® Academy, Gaming Zone powered by Nintendo, Rebuild the World

We ask for your understanding that the usage of other attractions is not possible for your own safety.

Lost children – no problem. Our staff would be glad to help you search the entire park. In any case, the meeting point is at the entrance. You can also get "Child Finder bracelets" there which have a space to enter a phone number on so that you can put one around your child's wrist.


There are a limited number of buggies available at the entrance which can be hired out for 4 Euro (plus a 6 Euro deposit). It is only possible to return them at the entrance. There are special parking lots for buggies around the park.

LEGOLAND® Deutschland is a smoke-free zone!
As a family park, the wellbeing of both our large and particularly our small guests is very important to us. For this reason, we have decided to declare our park to be a smoke-free zone. There are a few especially identified places in the park where smoking is permitted.

Compliance with cannabis distancing regulations at LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort
In order to ensure a child-friendly and safe atmosphere at LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort, we strictly observe the legal distance regulations of the new Cannabis Act. These prohibit the consumption of cannabis in the vicinity of children under the age of 18 and stipulate a minimum distance of 100 metres from facilities for children and young people. Because LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort falls under this category, any use of cannabis is not permitted on the grounds of the park and holiday village. For further details, please visit Germany's Federal Ministry of Health website.

You would like to visit LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort, but you are not sure about the weather? No problem, because you can have great fun at LEGOLAND even if the weather is not playing ball. Just enjoy our many covered attractions and have an adventure!

There are indoor attractions like the interactive Temple X-pedition in PHARAOHS' LAND, the LEGO® Studios and many more.

Find out more about our indoor attractions

Tip: If the weather is not so great, the waiting times at many attractions are often a lot shorter!

Lost Annual Passes

Lost Annual Passes can be reissued for a fee of € 8.

First Aid

Our First Aid station is continuously manned by qualified staff and can be found next to the picnic area directly between the Observation Tower and the Dragon Hunt.

Hand carts etc.

You are welcome to bring your hand cart into the park. Tricycles, roller skates, scooters etc. are not allowed.


There are a limited number of lockers available at the ENTRANCE AREA and at the Holiday Village park entrance near PHARAOHS’ LAND and they cost € 4 or € 6 depending on the size.

The safety of all our guests and staff is our top priority at LEGOLAND Deutschland. Participation in an attraction is subject to certain conditions that must be met by all guests on the ride.

You will find these minimum conditions on the "Have fun safely!" signs right at the entrances to the individual attractions. Please take special note of the height restrictions.

A member of staff will decide on the spot whether a guest may take part. Staff are also there to answer any other questions you may have.

The security of all our guests and employees is our number one priority. That is why we carry out random bag and rucksack checks at the entrance. Please follow the instructions of the security staff.

You are not permitted to take the following objects with you into LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort:

  • Weapons and dangerous items (knives, scissors, pepper spray, stun guns, drugs, etc.)
  • Liquor / high-proof alcohol

Unfortunately, except trained guide dogs (with corresponding documentation), no dogs are allowed in the park. This however, is no problem: Directly at the visitor parking lot you can find our dog house. You can leave your dog here for the time of your visit of the park. Before you can access the dog house, you will need a key card. Please report to our employees at ticket office 1-8 (to the left of the main entrance). The fee per dog is 4 Euros plus 20 Euros deposit for the key card and the padlock. Please bring along the filled out form on the day of your visit.

Download form

Please bring along your dog’s favourite blanket or pillow for your dog to feel like home. There is plenty of drinking water available.

Please note: The dog house closes one hour before park closing.

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