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Annual Pass Renewal

The adventure continues!

LEGOLAND Annual Pass Renewal

>> Renew your annual Pass online here

You are already holding an Annual Pass and want the fun to go on?

Then renew your Annual Pass and take advantage of our best price offer for loyal guests.

Tip: The category of your Annual Pass can easily be changed at renewal - perfect, if you like to extend your LEGOLAND® adventure and delve deeper into the colorful world of Merlin attractions. 

How it works:
Just enter your current Annual Pass number and your date of birth in our Pass Renewal Online Shop, select the Annual Pass type of your choice and start into the next twelve months of fun and adventure.

Tip: For just 15 € extra you can add an annual parking ticket to your Annual Pass. The parking ticket is also valid for twelve months and is only available in combination with an Annual Pass.

Will I get a new pass issued?

No, you can go directly through the turnstiles. Annual pass holders with a season parking ticket can go to the annual pass office in the course of their visit and will receive a new annual pass afterwards.

Merlin South Annual Pass, Merlin Annual Pass, Merlin Premium Annual Pass: These passes entitle you to enter other attractions that are not linked to our database. The validity of Merlin passes must therefore be confirmed by checking the printed expiry date. Therefore, each renewed pass must be re-issued before visiting the other attractions. (Hint: It is sufficient if one family member brings along all annual passes.)

You can renew your annual pass online and at site between four weeks before and four weeks after the expiry date. All renewals are valid for twelve months, based on the last expiry date of the annual pass.

>> Renew your annual Pass online here

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