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LEGOLAND® Walking Charakters

Welcome to the realm of the LEGOLAND® walking charakters!

Park dragon Olli and his friends are always in a good mood and look forward to your visit.
They will also be happy to take a photo with you. Come by now and meet Master Wu, LEGOLAND Girl, The Bavarian Guy, Sharkboy and many other LEGOLAND residents.


Meet & Greet

Meet the LEGOLAND® walking characters in person and get great souvenir photos with your favorites!

When? Daily at 12:15 + 2:45 pm
Where? At the photo point in front of the LEGO® Studios in LEGO® X-TREME

When? Daily at 1:00 + 2:30 pm
Where? At the photo point of the castle stage in KNIGHTS' KINGDOM

(Performance times are subject to change.)

LEGOLAND Bewohner Parkdrache Olli

Olli, the Park Dragon

„A dragon isn’t complete without a castle“ – or was it the other way round? Hmm, Olli, the little Park Dragon, isn't quite certain, but there's one thing he knows for sure: He absolutely loves his home, the LEGOLAND castle! At four years old, Olli is still a very young dragon child and has much to learn yet: He is looking forward to going to dragon school and finally finding out how dragons can fly and spit fire! Olli, the little Park Dragon can't really speak yet, but he's all the better at pulling pranks: Watch out, he loves to tease the little and big guests in LEGOLAND by swiftly snatching their caps and hats off their heads! As you might have guessed, our green Park Dragon Olli is a vegetarian: Even more than vegetables, he loves his dragon biscuits! But take care: He is not supposed to accept any treats from LEGOLAND visitors, because he might eventually become too chubby to learn how to fly!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Legoland Boy


For sure, if there is an expert on LEGOLAND, it's definitely our LEGOLAND Boy: He really knows his way around the park and also what's going on: Where to find the favourite attractions of the little and big park visitors – and how to enjoy a great time at LEGOLAND! You can spot LEGOLAND Boy from afar by his green shirt, blue trousers and his cheerful grin: He's always all smiles, probably because with LEGOLAND Girl he has found the best girlfriend ever. LEGOLAND Boy loves to share his happiness with everyone in the park: That's why he always enjoys meeting our guests in LEGOLAND.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Legoland Girl


Yoo-hoo, look who's waving her hand there: Of course, it's LEGOLAND Girl! You can spot her from afar wherever you are in the park: She loves wearing her cool pink trousers with a sunny orange top, and always has a cheerful smile on her face! Come rain or sunshine, LEGOLAND Girl is always in a good mood and, just like her boyfriend LEGOLAND Boy, she is happy to see the many visitors, big and small, in the park. She loves to welcome them with a cheerful wave. Just wave back: You’ll notice right away how catching her happy smile is!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Bayer

The Bavarian Guy

Well, „Grüß Gott“ and hello everyone, guess who is here? The lederhosen and the green Bavarian hat show it from afar: Here comes the Bavarian Guy! The ever good-humoured chap loves his beautiful home under the characteristic white and blue sky! He is delighted that LEGOLAND Deutschland is located in the heart of Bavaria, allowing guests from all over the world to discover the loveliest places in the Free State of Bavaria. With his cheerful personality, the Bavarian Guy instantly makes friends with park visitors of all ages. The Bavarian Guy is also very fond of yummy food: For some reason he always seems to be hungry just when he starts thinking about all the specialities from Bavaria and around the world that can be enjoyed all around LEGOLAND...

LEGOLAND Bewohner Ninjago Lloyd


For Ninja Lloyd, life has never been easy, even in his early days: After all he is both, the nephew of the Master of Spinjitzuas and at the same time the son of the Elemental Master of Destruction! That one day Lloyd would become the Green Ninja was by no means a given: As Lord Garmardon's son, he always had a lot of mischief on his mind and it took him quite a while to realize what really matters in NINJAGO® as well as in life. But there is definitely a leadership character inside the courageous Lloyd, someone who can both motivate and defend his friends: Even after forfeiting the Golden Power, he is still a genuine hero and a worthy Master of the Green Power.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Ninjago Kai


Attention, here comes Kai! His Ninja friends know only too well that the headstrong Elemental Master of Fire sometimes develops a rather hot temper. As brave as Kai may be, patience and good sense are not exactly his greatest qualities! Since he prefers to just storm off rather than stop and reflect, there are times when his eagerness will put himself and others in danger. But for his friends and especially for his little sister Nya, he will do whatever it takes: No mission for NINJAGO® is too hazardous for him, and when the going gets tough, he is happy to prove his courage. Should this lead to the chance of being celebrated as a daredevil hero, all the better: Kai simply loves being the center of attention once again ...

LEGOLAND Bewohner Ninjago Nya


Nya is the only girl in the Ninja Team, but in her mission to protect NINJAGO®, no one else can hold a candle to her. Water is her element: After all, she has taken over the role of the Elemental Master of Water from her mother! Being brave, skillful and courageous runs in her Ninja family. But Nya is far more than just the little sister of Kai, the Master of Fire: Shoulder to shoulder, Nya joins Kai in their fight against the evil forces. No wonder why Jay, the Master of Lightning, has lost his heart to Nya: And when she embarks on daredevil quests together with her companion, nothing can stop them!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Ninjago Meister Wu

Meister Wu

Nobody knows exactly how old Master Wu is, but one thing is absolutely certain: The Master of Spinjitzu and Creation is still as fit as a fiddle! The Ninjas can always rely on their wise teacher and paternal friend, because even when the going gets really tough, Master Wu remains a rock in the storm. With his strength and wisdom, he guides the Ninjas through many a dangerous mission. The reason why he always keeps calm and composed is probably because Master Wu enjoys sitting down and relax with a good cup of tea whenever possible. Occasionally he even indulges in his secret passion: Candyfloss...

LEGOLAND Bewohner Unicorn Man

Unicorn Man

Tadaa and drum roll! We welcome the newest member to our big, colourful LEGOLAND family: The Unicorn Man is hard to miss with his sky-blue unicorn outfit featuring the golden horn on his head. The Unicorn Man's favourite colour? Naturally, all the colours of the rainbow, and ideally with gold and glitter on top! Our peace-loving Unicorn Man has a heart for all things colourful and believes that they automatically turn the world into a better place for everyone! His sword and shield are better left at home when our Unicorn Man is wandering around the park: Unfortunately he really is a bit clumsy! Ouch, let’s hope he won't end up getting stuck with his golden horn somewhere again…

LEGOLAND Bewohner Wyldstyle


Pretty wild and always stylishly cool with her blue and pink streak in her black shock of hair: That’s just typical Wyldstyle! And it's not just her hairstyle that gives it away: Wyldstyle always has a mind of her own, and she'll gladly use it to break through a wall if she has to! Wyldstyle can’t stand injustice at all, so she uses a lot of energy and creative ideas to make sure everything gets back on track. As a born adventurer she is always on the spot whenever there is something exciting and new to explore and discover – and in LEGOLAND you'll find plenty of that!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Officer Duke

Officer Duke DeTain

Do you know the true star of LEGO® City? Tadaa - raise the curtain for Officer Duke DeTain! The superhero of the city police force is a cop with heart and soul - even if his slightly crazy personality sometimes gains the upper hand: Wherever Duke DeTain shows up, you can generally rely on hearing some loud crashing and screeching tires, because he sure loves a good car chase! No path is too rough for him when it comes to putting the shrewd gangsters of LEGO City behind bars. For law and order he literally always “goes the extra mile“ and he loves to be one step ahead of the villains - or at least hot on their heels! His hallmark is his inimitable action-packed entrance: be it into the car, into the office or onto the next mission, Officer Duke DeTain always charges into the thick of the action with an athletic shoulder roll!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Feuerwehrfrau


"What to do if things are on fire?" No one knows better than the LEGOLAND Firewoman: She is the boss of the fire brigade in the park and always has an excellent idea of what needs to be done. As soon as there is anything to save, extinguish, rescue or protect, the plucky ginger lady is always on the spot as quick as lightning. When the heat is on, our firewoman keeps a cool head. She is always fast to the rescue when action is afoot! Helmet on, gear at the ready and off you go: Our ginger knows how to get things done like hardly any other of her colleagues. That's why she's a great role model for her whole squad and for all of tomorrow's firefighting kids.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Pirat


Can you imagine a pirate who would rather be a landlubber sometimes? Of course: You’ll even find one at the LEGOLAND Parade! Pirate is the captain of our big ship and he is more than happy that he can cruise around LEGOLAND on land: Sadly, when the planks sway too much, Pirate gets seasick very quickly. That's why his catchphrase is: "The ocean is for fish only!" So far, none of his sailors has contradicted him openly, and maybe that's why our often rather grumpy captain believes that he is always in the right. Only when Pirate starts spinning too much sailor's yarn once again and recounts all the wildest adventures from days gone by, the "Aye, aye, Captain!" of his crew is sometimes given with a twinkle in their eyes and a huge smirk on their faces.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Pirate Girl

Pirate Girl

"All hands on deck, we're hoisting the sails and then full speed ahead to the next adventure!" That's the song of Pirate Girl when she sets sail again. It's obvious that the daring pirate bride loves life at sea at least as much as she loves her husband Pirate Boy. But when the couple anchors in their home port, they set up their shore quarters at the Pirate Island Hotel. Like Pirate Boy, Pirate Girl always looks forward to her visits to the Pirate Tavern: For one thing, the food there is much better than on board, and for another, she loves to welcome the guests and surprise the children.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Pirate Boy

Pirate Boy

By Jolly Roger, who has just boarded the pirate tavern? It's Pirate Boy, the famous captain of the "Snazzy Lottie"! When he's not sailing across the Seven Seas, he is moored at the Pirate Island Hotel. Because on his own ship the smutje's cooking skills are not up to scratch, he much rather visits the young and old LEGOLAND guests at dinnertime. No wonder he's sometimes got a grim look on his face: After all, as a pirate captain, he must defend the treasures he has conquered against snotty landlubbers and mischievous buccaneers. But Pirate Girl, his wife, is well aware that underneath the rough surface there is a soft spot. Pirate Boy has a big heart for children in particular: Whenever he hears a friendly "Yo-ho-ho", he is more than happy to share his pirate treasures with the little sailors.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Skarkboy


Sharkboy really likes sharks, so much in fact that he roams around LEGOLAND all day in his cool blue shark outfit. His best friend is Sharky, the cuddly furry shark, and together they walk (or swim) through thick and thin. The rhythm is in Sharkboy's blood: He loves to dance with his friends in front of ATLANTIS - and is excited when many of the young and old LEGOLAND visitors are inspired by his cheerfulness and join in with his happy dance moves.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Dreamzzz Boy


Mateo Christopher Garcia is actually a completely normal boy from New York - and so quiet and shy that hardly anyone there is aware of his hidden talents. His imagination is just as strong as his artistic skills: His cool cartoons reveal a lot about the curious, creative Mateo that only his sister Izzie really knows. But sharing his artworks with other people? Just the thought of it makes the quiet, introverted Mateo nervous! The only person he can confide in is Izzie - and when it comes to protecting his boisterous sister, Mateo never struggles to be brave! It's fascinating: As soon as he delves into the exciting dream world of LEGO® DREAMZzz™ with Izzie, you'd hardly recognize the shy boy with the dreadlocks: With courage and imagination Mateo teams up with his friends to rescue other children from the clutches of the Nightmare King.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Dreamzzz Izzie


Watch out, here comes Isabel Christina Garcia, or for short: Izzie! She is as boisterous as she is brave and doesn't waste her time worrying about dangers: Izzie prefers to follow her gut feelings, leaping head over heels through the portals of the “dream world“ into the next adventure. In the “waking world“ you would hardly guess that the lively, funny and fearless girl is the sister of the shy Mateo. But as different as the siblings may be, together they are the perfect team to save the “dream world“ of LEGO® DREAMZzz™.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Blue Brick

Blue Brick

Wherever Blue Brick is, the party is always in full swing: The jolly blue LEGO® brick is definitely a party animal! You barely say the words "children's disco" and Blue Brick is on the spot: Dancing and partying is definitely his game! And wherever Blue Brick can be found, his best friend LEGOLAND Boy won't be far away: The pair of them love to welcome the big and small guests to the park together: Just let Blue Brick's good spirits rub off on you and enjoy a great time at LEGOLAND!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Gruener Brick

Green Brick

Hey-ho, what's up, Green Brick? Our green LEGO® brick has the neatest grove and the coolest moves: "Give me five!" is his favorite motto and his high fives are legend. Which is why the Green Brick also finds it mega-cool when the little and big visitors in LEGOLAND return his welcoming, giving him a high five of their own. So raise your hands, too, and return his high fives whenever you meet the Green Brick in the park!  

LEGOLAND Bewohner Gelber Brick

Yellow Brick

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful LEGOLAND Brick of them all? Of course, it's our Yellow Brick! At least that's what our girl herself is very convinced of. And indeed, there is no other LEGO® Brick who can bat its eyelashes so adorably and whose glowing personality always makes our park visitors smile. Our Yellow Brick loves it most when she can wave to the crowd! And when the LEGOLAND guests, young and old, wave back cheerfully, her sunshine yellow glows even brighter ...

LEGOLAND Bewohner Lila Brick

Purple Brick

Who's got the best dance moves? It’s Purple Brick, of course! As soon as anyone snaps their fingers, no one can stop the purple LEGO® Brick: Her feet are simply meant to dance! She is quite proud of her cool dance moves, and rightly so. Because dancing in company is twice as much fun, Purple Brick never tires of encouraging our LEGOLAND visitors to join in: So come on, let yourself be swept away by Purple Brick's groove and dance along with her!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Roter Brick

Red Brick

Who is the strongest Brick in LEGOLAND? Well, if you ask the Red Brick, the answer is clear: himself, of course! Yes, he certainly packs quite a punch and whenever push comes to shove, you can always rely on him and his muscle power. But sometimes the other Bricks can't help but smirk and roll their eyes a little when the Red Brick once again strikes one of his extra-manly power poses. Come on, let our little muscle man be your inspiration and join in: Are you even tougher than our Red Brick at the end of the day?

LEGOLAND Bewohner Vicky


When Halloween season approaches, our Vicky is all excited: Finally, our Orange Brick is back at LEGOLAND! She quickly dons her pointy hat and off she is, enjoying the Halloween fun! It's no surprise that Vicky feels right at home in the wonderfully spooky LEGOLAND decorations during Halloween: After all, her orange colour blends in perfectly with the hundreds of pumpkins in the park. Vicky would love to be a real witch who can can actually do magic, but somehow that won’t work out yet, blimey! But anyone who knows Vicky also knows that she won't give up that easily! Thanks to the big and small visitors in the park she might even learn the right spells to become a real witch, just in time for Halloween.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Halloween Mumie


Boo-hoo, who's that swaying towards us? During Halloween season, it can only be the Mummy, tottering through the park somewhat clumsily. Unfortunately, its white costume sometimes gets in its way: It’s not so easy to look really scary when you're constantly tripping over those lopsided strips of fabric! And it really is quite a hassle: If you're wrapped up to your eyes in cloths like the Mummy, you'll be dead tired in no time! Nevertheless, our Mummy won't give up: When Halloween comes around, there’s always hope that the big and small LEGOLAND guests will show it a few tricks to help making it look really scary and spooky.

LEGOLAND Bewohner Halloween Witch


Quivering spiders and toad pies, isn't that the LEGOLAND Witch? In her purple robe, she hexes her way into LEGOLAND every year as soon as Halloween approaches. It really would be so much fun to play little tricks on the children and their parents! Admittedly, what could be the point of having magical witch powers if you didn’t do that? It’s really a pity that in LEGOLAND a hexing ban hat to be put on her, but she often really does come up with a lot of nonsense, doesn’t she? Admittedly, sometimes our witch looks quite grumpy, but that's only because she often really struggles to remember all the complicated hocus-pocus tricks and magic spells she had to learn at witchcraft school ages ago. Actually, our witch is quite a dear, and who knows, maybe she'll even share one of her magic tricks with you...

LEGOLAND Bewohner Halloween Frankie


Oops, who is this huge guy with the enormous green head? That can only be Frankenstein! A plaster here, a patch there, and Frankenstein is spick and span for some creepy Halloween fun: Every year he comes to LEGOLAND to celebrate a spooky and fun monster party with the young and old guests. Why is he so tall and green, and why do so many people get scared of him? The ever so slightly confused Frankenstein has absolutely no idea himself! Because he loves children, he eagerly wishes that they would like him just as much and not be afraid of him: That's why he makes a special effort to look friendly when little LEGOLAND guests want to take a selfie with him – just try it out for yourselves!

LEGOLAND Bewohner Halloween Skeleton


Only on Halloween does the Skeleton come to LEGOLAND, and you have to be a little bit in luck to catch a glimpse of the bony little critter! It prefers to go outside only at night: The darling chap doesn't want the little visitors in the park to get scared of him. As the Skeleton is very fond of children and doesn't actually want to appear scary, he has come up with an excellent trick: He wears a cheerful mask over his face so he can welcome all visitors with a friendly smile.

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