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NEW for 2023: The LEGO® MYTHICA theme world

From the 2023 season you can look forward to a completely new 1.2 hectare themed world. LEGO® MYTHICA is the largest and most expensive expansion at LEGOLAND Park to date and features a new roller coaster, among other things.

When the magical portal to LEGO MYTHICA opens in the 2023 season, you will enter a world full of mythical fantasy creatures made of hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks. Cool new attractions are waiting for you there.

The highlight of the new LEGO MYTHICA theme world: A spectacular new roller coaster that is unlike any other LEGOLAND park in the world. Teenagers and adults will love the breathtaking head-over-heels ride. Thrills and spills are guaranteed and it's already approved for courageous kids from primary school age upwards and taller than 1.2 m.

Their younger siblings haven't been forgotten, either. Besides the playground and a further attraction aimed at firing up their creativity and imagination, a second ride for the little ones is also planned. The wee ones will have just as much fun and also get to experience the collywobbles, too.

LEGOLAND Mythica Maximus

Wonderful creatures in a new world

In the 2023 season, mythical LEGO fantasy creatures will move into LEGOLAND Deutschland: The new LEGO MYTHICA themed area promises an adventure in a completely different world. One of the new LEGO creatures is Maximus, the Sky Lion. He is one of the lead guardians of the new world and is responsible for the balance of LEGO MYTHICA and its energy flow. A strong and majestic leader, but also humble, friendly and cooperative. He wants to encourage all children to rediscover the joy of creating.
His superpower is to make everyone - young and old - feel brave in his presence. He also makes sure that everyone has more time to play and be creative, so that new imagination is always flowing into the world.

LEGOLAND Mythica Bobs


LEGO MYTHICA means immersing yourself in a world of magical inhabitants and inspired fantasy. In MYTHICA, creatures created by children’s imaginations come to life. One of these lovable creatures is Bobs – a small, colourful, flying unicorn that accompanies children on their journey through LEGO MYTHICA. Bobs is incredibly fond of children, curious, a bit clumsy, but also very brave. His secret superpower: he can shoot rainbows from his horn, which he uses to spread happiness and joy.

Together with many other creatures, Bobs will find his place in the new themed area and be ready for beautiful souvenir pictures. Until the 11th themed area opens at LEGOLAND Deutschland, more mythical models will be built, buildings and grounds will be given an imaginative makeover and the new roller coaster will be completed.



Brave explorers stride through the rocky tunnel with mysterious decorations, the portal to LEGO MYTHICA: you find yourself in a surreal-looking world once again. Cute unicorns spray colourful rainbows from their horns, spreading joy and happiness. Cuddly baby lava dragons thrill the imagination and encourage ideas to grow.

The many-headed Chimera not only keeps track of things but at the same time boasts a convincing farsightedness.

But watch out: each head has its own ideas, so the Chimera can be pretty fearsome.

LEGOLAND Mythica Tower Baustelle 02

Fire & Ice Tower

Up to lofty heights: The two orange-blue giants rise 13 metres into the sky above LEGO MYTHICA and are visually reminiscent of a phoenix rising from the ashes. They combine the two elements of fire and ice symbolised by blue and orange-red flames at the top of the towers.

With a ride height of nine metres you can experience drops in free fall again and again while simultaneously spinning around the towers. Starting from a body height of 1m you can enjoy action and fun on the Fire & Ice Towers.

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