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Legendary football heroes

Experience the Gallery of Football Stars with the greatest legends of football history, recreated with thousands of colorful LEGO® bricks. Pelé, Zidane or Beckenbauer – the busts of 12 extraordinary personalities await their fans here.

Building each of these busts required about 120 hours of work. The assignment was to sculpt round shapes with square bricks, and, mind you, without using a chisel! Photos from every conceivable angle help to recreate the heads as genuine reproductions. With considerable finesse the modelers approach a portrait much like a painter, starting off at fashioning the eye area. Only after having achieved a harmonious appearance here, matching its characteristic traits, the other significant facial features such as nose, brow or shape of the head can be created. Just take a closer look at Maradona’s eyebrows or the pony tail of Birgit Prinz!

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