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Day Reservation for Annual Pass Holders - Troubleshooting

Are you having problems with a day reservation for your annual pass?

Have you made sure that the following conditions are met?

1. Did you actually enter your barcode number and not the Pass ID?
It is always the 18-digit code that can be found beneath the barcode

2. Is your annual pass still valid?
Use the Merlin validity calculator (also for LEGOLAND annual passes)

3. Has your annual pass already been issued?
Annual Passes purchased before June 25, 2021 (no DigiPass) will be issued when you visit the annual pass office for the first time. For your ticket "Entry for the 1st visit" you simply reserve the day of the visit under Reservation for DAY TICKETS

4. Have you already booked three reservation tickets?
Only three active reservations are allowed at a time. The next reservation is possible again when the first visit date has passed.

5. U3 children and accompanying persons for visitors with disabilities can be reserved separately under Reservation for DAY TICKETS

If you are still unable to make day reservations, please fill out the following form. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Please note additional pass holders with full name and barcode

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