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Swabian Village

Swabian Village

Swabian Village


Home to LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort

It‘s all Napoleon’s fault. He added Günzburg to Bavaria, which in 1805 was a part of Upper Austria. That’s why the district of Günzburg belongs to Bavaria and forms part of the administrative region of Bavarian Swabia whose capital is Augsburg. This area is not part of the ’other‘ Swabian region located in Baden-Württemberg. Confusing? No problem. LEGOLAND® Deutschland is LEGOLAND and MINILAND remains MINILAND in Swabia in the state of Bavaria in Germany.


In the land of milk and cream, cows moo if you press a button. Just give it a try. Günzburg and LEGOLAND® Deutschland are surrounded by farms with crops and livestock. The milk from happy cows is bottled in milk dairies around the region. There is a lot going on in MINILAND even in the fancy houses which are open at the back. The Swabians are said to be very diligent...

Augsburg Western Woods Nature Park

This park was founded in 1988 and is one of two nature parks in Bavarian Swabia. The goal was to create an area to relax in nature, and LEGOLAND® Germany is honored to be a part of this. The conservation area includes parts of the city and districts of Augsburg, Dillingen, Donau-Ries, Unterallgäu as well as Günzburg.

Maria Vesperbild

Not far from here, in Ziemetshausen, between LEGOLAND® Deutschland and Augsburg, is the pilgrimage church of Maria Vesperbild. It is visited by some 400,000 pilgrims every year and is a popular church for weddings, as you can see from the wedding party at the main entrance. The finished model was officially opened by Monsignor Imkamp, Director of Pilgrimages at Maria Vesperbild, who is in charge of the original building.

Did you know?

Monsignor Imkamp, the Director of Pilgrimages at Maria Vesperbild, supported us in the building of the LEGO® version of the church. Here you can see him standing in front of the entrance. While measuring the church he climbed the roof to ensure that the LEGO version of Maria Vesperbild looks just like the original in Ziemetshausen.

Other Attractions