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The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Netherlands



Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and was built on stilts in the delta of the Amstel River. In the 17th century, it was the fourth biggest city in Europe and, at the same time, one of the richest. More than 1,000 bridges connect the different parts of the city and canals with over 100 islands. Today, more than 700,000 people live in this city, many of them on houseboats. Bicycles, known as ‚fiets‘ in Dutch, are the most practical means of transportation after boats.


Windmills appeared as early as the Middle Ages. Many of these were equipped with special wheels which were used to scoop out water and to dry out swamps and lakes. In the 18th century there were 140 windmills in Amsterdam which were used for pumping stations, mills and lumber mills as well as for the oil, tobacco and chocolate industries. Today, they are tourist attractions.

Windless: Our windmills are not powered by wind but by small 24 volt engines.

The Amsterdam Canals

If you visit Amsterdam, don’t miss out on a tour of the canals. The tour boats open their glass roofs when the weather is nice and take you down the Emperor Canal, the Patrician Canal and the Prince’s Canal past merchant and patrician houses, which were built narrow but high because the city magistrate only allowed houses to be eight meters (26 ft.) wide. It is still very popular to live at the canals.

Water everywhere: MINILAND has 400 cubic meters of water.

A Country of Tulips

An old German song celebrates the tulips of Amsterdam. Holland is a country of flowers with countless greenhouses everywhere just like in MINILAND. Huge fields of flowers stretch across the geest landscape behind the dunes of the North Sea coast, the bulb region between Haarlem and Leiden as well as in the province of North Holland. Holland is the most important flower supplier of Western Europe.

Constant care: Our little trees have to be pruned every 14 days in their main growing season from May to September.

Did you know?

Holland is the country of tulips. Our model builders have rebuilt many of the colorful flowers in the two greenhouses. How many do you think there are? If you have counted right you end up with exactly 6,285 LEGO® tulips.

Other Attractions