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High, higher, the highest: Frankfurt is nicknamed ’Mainhattan‘. Anyone who sees the skyline of ’FFM‘, dominated by skyscrapers, could be forgiven for thinking they were in the USA. The towers of banks and other commercial buildings of ’Mainhattan‘ soar up to 259 m. The Trade Fair Tower with its pointed roof stands proud at 257 m and is one of the tallest office buildings in the world. With a height of four meters, the tower in MINILAND is no less impressive. It comprises of 925,000 LEGO® bricks. If model builders had kept to the usual MINILAND scale of 1:20, the Trade Fair Tower here would be 12.80 m high.


The Römer on top of Römerberg is not only a house but five houses, behind which you can find the city hall. In former times, Italian visitors to the fair had their accommodation here, hence the name Römer (Roman). You can admire portraits of every German emperor up to 1806 in the Emperor‘s Hall of the Römer. The people of Frankfurt call the Römerberg the living room of the city.

Sachsenhausen District

The Sachsenhausen district south of the Main River is said to have been founded by Charlemagne who settled the defeated Saxons there. Across the Main River in the picturesque streets of Old Sachsenhausen many old rustic pubs still serve Frankfurt’s favorite apple wine drink, dubbed ’Ebbelwei‘ by the locals. There is even an ’Ebbelwei Express‘, a historic tram for city tours.

Did you know?

The cables located in the ground for the induction loops make it possible for cars to avoid obstacles. The ground is coated with a rubber compound so that the tires on the cars have the best grip possible.

Other Attractions