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Two new rides await you: Pyramid Rallye and Desert X-cursion

The newly designed and now even bigger PHARAOHS' LAND will be home to the highly exciting treasure hunt 2019: New rides designed for the whole family offer plenty of action!

Look forward to an exiting mission at the Pyramid Rallye: Rescue the magical treasures from the claws of the evil pharaoh Amset-Ra. To complete this task, your whole family must stick together and bravely take action to overcome the Pharaoh's obstacles.

The Desert X-cursion takes you into lofty heights: Even more exiting adventures await you on this journey. Watch out for the flying mummies who want to recapture the Pharaoh's rescued treasures. Are you able to escape with the valuable load?

Will you succeed in your exciting mission in the PHARAOHS' LAND? Rest assured, plenty of action is guaranteed.

But not to worry: You will get professional support! The fright of all villains, Elena the Explorer, will safeguard the territory for you!

During various episodes, she will take you on an exciting journey to the legendary PHARAOHS' LAND. Are you ready to embark on the trails of evil?

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