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Regolamento del parco e dell'organizzazione

Park and business rules and regulations

LEGOLAND Deutschland Freizeitpark GmbH

Welcome to the LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort!

You have hours packed with adventure, fun and action ahead of you. The entire team of LEGOLAND Deutschland Freizeitpark GmbH ('LEGOLAND') wishes you lots of fun and joy during your stay.

However, we need to draw your attention to some regulations and concrete rules of behaviour that apply on the entire premises of LEGOLAND.

Please be considerate and cautious in whatever you do. This means first and foremost assuming responsibility for yourself and others and observing the rules of politeness.

Safety is the top priority here at LEGOLAND. LEGOLAND will take all measures possible to contribute to hinder and contain the spread of the current corona pandemic, to meet the legal requirements and completely fulfil the requirements set by the health authorities.

However, we want to advise you that the risk of transmission cannot be ruled out completely despite all taken measures. Visiting and usage of the offers of LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort take place at your own discretion and risk.

By conforming to the rules below you support our endeavours in this regard.

1. Contract conclusion

Any and all business transacted between visitors of LEGOLAND in Günzburg ('visitors') and LEGOLAND Deutschland Freizeitpark GmbH ('LEGOLAND') shall be governed exclusively by the park and business rules and regulations set out below.

Our offers are subject to change without notice and should be interpreted only as invitations to tender. Contracts may be regarded as concluded only after a demand for payment has been made by an authorised LEGOLAND employee. LEGOLAND may withdraw from a contract if the respective price is not paid without delay after a visitor has been requested to do so.

2. Scope

These regulations apply to the entire premises of LEGOLAND, including access roads, parking lots, and the entire LEGOLAND Holiday Village.

3. Parking

The provisions and signs specified in the German traffic code (StVO) apply to all car parks.

To ensure that traffic disturbances are avoided, please follow the instructions of our employees.

LEGOLAND will cause any irregularly parked vehicles that impede the traffic or block the access of fire or rescue vehicles to be towed at the expense and risk of the visitor.

Parking fees are charged for the parking lot provided. The conclusion of a guarding contract is not implied. When leaving your vehicle, see to it that doors and windows are closed and no valuables are left in the car in plain view. Do not leave any animals in your vehicle. Animals brought along by our visitors may be accommodated in boxes in the dog house against a fee.

LEGOLAND will not be liable in the event of parked vehicles being stolen or damaged by third parties. Nor will LEGOLAND be liable for any damage caused by storms, hailstones, explosions, or other extraordinary events.

LEGOLAND will be liable for any damage due to grossly negligent or wilful action on the part of a LEGOLAND employee. Should that happen, you should report the damage to our employees at the guest desk or to our security service immediately after discovery while you are still on your visit, provided you can be reasonably expected to do so.

4. Use of LEGOLAND facilities

Access to the public areas of the LEGOLAND Holiday Village is free of charge.

You may enter the premises of LEGOLAND Freizeitpark only if you possess a valid ticket. The ticket should be retained throughout your stay and produced on demand. Your ticket expires as you leave the premises of the park. Should you wish to leave the park for a brief period, talk to our admission staff at the gate before you do so.

Having purchased a ticket to the LEGOLAND Freizeitpark, visitors will be entitled to avail themselves of any services offered at the time of their visit, with the exception of any services for which additional charges may be raised as shown by special notices posted on the spot.

Visitors will not be entitled at the time of their visit to have access to any services that have previously been advertised as being available by LEGOLAND in any form whatsoever. Moreover, visitors will be notified by LEGOLAND at the park entrance of any services that will not be available for any prolonged periods of time. In the event of any services being temporarily unavailable, relevant notices will be posted on the spot. Being dependent on visitor demand, the availability of any particular services cannot be guaranteed by LEGOLAND.

Possessing or carrying weapons or dangerous objects (firearms, cut and thrust weapons, brass knuckles, pepper spray, other gas-spraying tins, flammable liquids, etc.) is not permitted on the entire premises of LEGOLAND. The same holds true for bringing in and consuming hard liquor or drugs.

Persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused entrance to the LEGOLAND premises.

Using or bringing along any type of remote-controlled toys or devices, especially drones, is prohibited in the park. The usage in the parking areas or in the LEGOLAND Holiday Village is also prohibited.

Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas. Elsewhere, smoking is banned in general.

Instructions given by LEGOLAND employees should be followed in your own interest.

Visitors are obligated to adhere to additional rules during their LEGOLAND visit. These rules are displayed at the entrance and other locations, especially at the individual services. The infection protection law is part of these rules and the linked regulations of the Bavarian infection protection regulation as amended as well as the law for the protection of minors.

Please note and adhere to the instructions concerning distance regulations and wearing facial masks in different areas of LEGOLAND Resort.

Visitors contravening these rules and regulations may forfeit their right to remain in the park and be summarily removed from the LEGOLAND premises. At the same time, LEGOLAND may claim compensation for any resultant damage. Visitors who contravene a rule and subsequently resist an order to leave the LEGOLAND premises will be prosecuted under criminal law by LEGOLAND.

5. Use of playgrounds

Visitors may make use of playgrounds, their equipment, and similar features at their own risk.

6. Child supervision

Children below eight years of age will be admitted to LEGOLAND only when accompanied by an adult.

Parents and accompanying adults are hereby advised to exercise their duty of supervision because LEGOLAND is in no position to relieve them of it. In that context, parents or supervising adults will be responsible for any damage caused by children under their supervision.

7. Sale of goods

Unless otherwise agreed, visitors will receive goods of merchantable quality within the usual manufacturing tolerances regarding dimensions, weights, and quality specifications.

Till receipts must be retained and shown on demand from the time of purchase to the departure from the park.

8. Visitors' rights in the event of goods being defective

If a visitor's claim for compensation for defects should be found baseless on investigation, the visitor shall reimburse LEGOLAND for any outlay incurred in the course of said investigation.

Visitors will forfeit any claim to compensation for defective goods if LEGOLAND is not notified of the defect within two months after its detection. At all events, a visitor's claims relating to defective goods will expire by time within two years.

While negotiations are going on between LEGOLAND and the visitor about the justification of the visitor's claims with regard to an alleged defect, the statute of limitations may be temporarily suspended only with regard to the alleged defect. Negotiations leading to a suspension of the statute of limitations begin at that point in time at which a note specifying the alleged defect is received by LEGOLAND. Said period of suspension will terminate at that point in time at which LEGOLAND has repaired the defect or, alternatively, such repair has failed or, alternatively, LEGOLAND is notified by the visitor that negotiations will be broken off. Should none of these contingencies apply, the period of suspension will end three months after the last statement relating to the alleged defect made by one of the parties to the contract has been received by the other party.

Defects will be repaired or faultless goods supplied in lieu without acknowledging any legal obligation and without initiating another limitation period.

9. Saving clause

For any damage caused by slight negligence, LEGOLAND will be liable only if said damage is ascribable to the non-performance of a major contractual obligation or, alternatively, of a cardinal obligation in a manner which seems likely to endanger the purpose of the contract. In all such cases, the liability of LEGOLAND will be limited to damage that is both typical and foreseeable. LEGOLAND's liability will not exceed 15 times the ticket price.

With the exception of claims based on the product liability act, on defects detected after the receipt of goods or services covered by a quality guarantee, on defects covered up with intent to deceive, or on physical injuries, the above saving clause shall apply to all claims for damages irrespective of their legal basis, including all claims based on unlawful acts.

LEGOLAND will not be liable for objects handed over to our employees in the park or deposited in the grounds.

Specifically, LEGOLAND will not be liable for objects (mobile phones, cameras, jewellery, etc.) damaged, destroyed, or lost while using an attraction. Valuables may be deposited in lockers against a fee.

The above saving clause will also apply to any claims for damages made by a visitor against employees or agents of LEGOLAND.

10. Third parties offering or advertising goods and services

On the entire premises, including the car parks and the LEGOLAND Holiday Village, advertising and offering services or goods is permitted only with the previous written consent of the LEGOLAND management. The same holds true for holding opinion polls and head counts.

Selling vouchers or ordinary and/or complementary tickets of and for LEGOLAND is not permitted on the entire LEGOLAND premises, access roads included.

Advertising and campaigning for organisations, associations, stakeholder groups, and personal ideas by any means whatsoever is not allowed on the premises of the park as well as within all buildings and rides etc. LEGOLAND reserves the right to expel individual offenders from the park and prosecute them under civil and criminal law for trespassing.

11. Visitor checks

Every visitor wishing to enter the premises of LEGOLAND expressly agrees to voluntarily submit to being checked by LEGOLAND's security service. The security service of LEGOLAND is entitled to examine a visitor – using technical equipment if necessary – as to whether he represents a security risk for LEGOLAND and/or for other visitors because he has consumed alcohol and/or drugs or carries drugs, hard liquor, arms, and/or other dangerous objects. In addition, the visitor's clothing and any containers he may be carrying may be searched. Any instructions given by the security service of LEGOLAND shall be followed. The security service of LEGOLAND is also entitled to check visitors on the premises. Furthermore, the security service of LEGOLAND is entitled to refuse access to the premises of LEGOLAND or expel from the premises of LEGOLAND any visitors who represent a security risk within the definition given above. A visitor who refuses to submit to such a check or else obviously wishes to evade such a check may also be refused access to or permission to remain on the premises of LEGOLAND.

12. Video Surveillance, Video and Photos

LEGOLAND Resort is protected by video surveillance. The surveillance only serves the safety of our guests and employees, the detection and the investigation of criminal offenses and the misdemeanours and the enforcement of the domiciliary right. Areas under surveillance are marked. Data is passed on to investigating authorities in case of concrete suspicion of a criminal offense, to insurance companies for exculpation and to technical service partners in the course of maintenance and system support. The storage period is a maximum of 7 days (168 hours).

Commercial video and photo shoots take place at LEGOLAND Resort at times. These areas are marked to the extent possible. Guests are supposed to avoid these areas. The guests should directly approach the photographer or the film team if they do not want a publication of the possible footage. If no objection is raised, LEGOLAND assumes that the pictures can be used free of charge.

Private photos and videos are permitted if they do not interfere or affect other guests. Professional films/videos and pictures with intention of commercial usage are only permitted after written consent of LEGOLAND. For this purpose, please contact the press department of LEGOLAND.

13. Domestic authority

LEGOLAND is entitled to expel from the premises any persons found without a valid ticket on the premises of LEGOLAND. The same holds true for visitors who contravene these park and business rules and regulations. Visitors who have been expelled shall have no claim to reimbursement of ticket prices or parking fees paid previously.

14. Miscellaneous

These terms and conditions represent the entire contract regulating all transactions between LEGOLAND and the visitor. No changes to these terms and conditions shall be binding unless made out in writing, including any provision waiving this provision. Failure by LEGOLAND to exercise any of its rights shall not be construed as a general waiver for the future.

In the event of any of the provisions laid down herein becoming or being void or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining conditions shall not be affected thereby.

In the event of LEGOLAND being hindered to a considerable extent in the performance of its obligations by force majeure or other obstacles including war, civil war, terrorist attacks, riots, and lawful strikes or lockouts, LEGOLAND as well as the visitor may terminate any portion of this contract directly affected by these events without any liability towards the other party resulting therefrom.

German law shall exclusively be applicable as well as the last valid German version of these terms and conditions apply in each case.

Have a carefree, nice day and lots of fun at the LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort!

Manuela Stone
Managing Director

Günzburg, May 18th, 2020

LEGOLAND Deutschland Freizeitpark GmbH
LEGOLAND Allee 1 · 89312 Günzburg