X as in eXtra large. In LEGO® X-TREME everything is faster, bigger and even more action-packed. Speedy racers can show they've got what it takes at the LEGO RACERS Drome Racing or when speeding over the water in the Aquazone Wave Racers. The very brave can also volunteer as test drivers for Project X - LEGO Test Track, our high-speed coaster that is eighteen meters high.


At the LEGO MINDSTORMS Centre clever brains may program LEGO robots themselves and then test them in competition with others. Another highlight are our 4D-Movies in the LEGO Studios with a lot of surprise effects.


Activities in LEGO® X-TREME

The whole family

LEGOLAND® ATLANTIS Stepping Tones  WaterWorks  Nintendo Zone 

Younger children

Drive your Monster Truck  LEGO® Academy

Older children

LEGO® Studios Aquazone Wave Racers  LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Project X  Techno Tea Cups