A visit to LEGO® CITY is absolutely essential. Not only its urban life buzzing with cars, planes and cranes moving around factories, the port, highways and urban settlements. In addition, LEGO CITY is home to the LEGO® BIONICLE® Power Builder, a fantastic MEGA attraction. Feel the power of this fantastic new ride!


Other highlights at LEGO CITY include the LEGO Factory where LEGO bricks are made in front of the visitor's eye. Don't forget to take your souvenir brick home with you!


Those who wish can also use their stay in the city to make their first driver's license at the Hyundai LEGOLAND® Driving School or to go on a boat trip.


Activities in LEGO® CITY

The whole family

Shipyard Playground  LEGOLAND® Express LEGO® Factory

Younger children

Airport  Hyundai LEGOLAND® Junior Driving School Harbour Cruise 

Older children

Flying Ninjago  LEGO® BIONICLE® Power Builder Hyundai LEGOLAND® Driving School