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DigiPass: The Digital Annual Pass

NEW: Your DigiPass

The annual pass goes digital! 

All newly booked or renewed LEGOLAND® and Merlin Annual Passes will be sent directly to your smartphone in the form of an online ticket, which you can then add to your Apple Wallet, for example.*

Advantages of your DigiPass: 

  • No queuing for tickets or renewing your annual pass at the ticket office 
  • The annual pass is always with you on your smartphone 
  • A collector's edition plastic card (with a different design every year) is available as an option**
  • Stay up-to-date – know when your card is about to expire 
  • Special and seasonal offers***

*Passes that have already been purchased, but have not been issued yet, will still be handed out as conventional annual passes. **For a fee. Yearly design change for LEGOLAND passes only. ***Initially only Merlin Adventure Pass.

Questions & answers about the new DigiPass

With the digital annual pass, your personalised data including photo (annual passes are always non-transferable) are recorded when you order online and stored in the barcode of your annual pass.

When you come to visit, you can decide how you would like to present this barcode at the entrance – the main thing is that the barcode is of good quality and consists of black bars on a white background. So you can show your mobile phone, bring a printout of your annual ticket or use your regular plastic card (available on site for a fee).

TIP: There will be new designs for the LEGOLAND® collector's annual passes every year.

The digital annual passes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Yes, that is no problem. We recommend that Android users, especially if they have several cards stored on their mobile phone, take screenshots and save them in their favourites, for example.

Note: Please do not use dark mode, the barcode must be black on a white background.

Simply print out the annual pass from the confirmation e-mail and give it to them – done.

No worries! The photos are shown to the staff member at the entrance to be checked against the holder of the pass on the barcode scanner.

Any existing annual passes will remain valid and do not have to be converted into a digital annual pass. When your card expires, you can renew it as usual* and you will then receive a digital annual pass. The old card is no longer valid. You may purchase a new plastic card on site for an additional fee.

* Renewal only on the products on offer (LEGOLAND annual pass, LEGOLAND Plus annual pass or Merlin Adventure pass).

As usual, you can add a convenient and affordable parking option to your card. This applies to parking at LEGOLAND Deutschland for the LEGOLAND annual passes as well as parking at Heide Park Resort for the Merlin Adventure Pass.

This is the most advantageous price for LEGOLAND annual passes for 3 or more people. Your family could be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends, it doesn't matter. The only prerequisite is that the group consists of maximum 3 adults and has a total of at least 3 and a maximum of 5 persons.

Please note that each 'family member' will receive his or her own digital annual pass, and the pass is not valid as a multiple-person pass.

The family deal is available for the LEGOLAND Deutschland annual pass and the LEGOLAND annual pass PLUS. Unfortunately, no family fare is available for the Merlin Adventure pass.

Get Your Annual Pass now!

Annual Passes

12 months free entry

  • Best value for money
  • 12 months of adventure at LEGOLAND® Deutschland
  • Low family prices from 3 persons


  • 12 months entry to LEGOLAND Deutschland and to SEA LIFE® Constance, Munich and Speyer
  • Discounts in selected shops and restaurants
  • Low family prices from 3 persons

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