The Great LEGO® Race

The extraordinary virtual reality roller coaster experience

Ready, set, LEGO®! It is time for the wildest LEGO race of all time. 

Roller coaster riding reaches a whole new level of excitement in the attraction Project X in the park area LEGO® X-TREME. You will now have the possibility to experience a unique virtual reality adventure during the ride. Turn on the engines, put on the VR glasses and start the exciting chase. You will take part in a fast race against LEGO figures like the Pharaoh, Surfer Girl, the Magician and the Pirate Captain in a 360 degrees LEGO world. You will not only race through sharp turns but also go up steep hills and down again at rapid pace. It is still open who will win the race. We keep our fingers crossed!

Of course you can still use the Project X without VR device. Minimum age for the usage of the VR device is 6 years.

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