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27 - 29 May 2023

LEGO® Friendship Weekend

  • 27 - 29 May 2023
  • For best friends
It's time for new friendships and adventures in LEGOLAND®: Meet your new friends Aliya, Nova, Zac, Liann, Paisley, Leo, Autumn and Olly at the big LEGO® Friendship Weekend and get ready for lots of fun and creativity!

Eight new friends have made it to Heartlake City – and during the big LEGO Friendship Weekend at LEGOLAND there's plenty for you to explore with Aliya, Nova, Zac, Liann, Paisley, Leo, Autumn and Olly! Join the LEGO Friends at the International School at MINILAND and discover all the things you have in common. In their rooms the LEGO Friends have lots of fun and action lined up for you. (>> Click here for the new attraction "LEGO® Friends Bedrooms")

Put your dexterity to the test with Olly and let Leo tempt your taste buds: What are the favourite snacks with which you’ll fill up the LEGO lunch boxes you've created yourself?
Let your creativity flow with Liann and Autumn: Design your own LEGO Dots bracelets and take them home with you!
And skater girl Liann can’t wait to see what your own customised skateboard decks will look like...
Off to the gaming zone at Zac and Nova’s: cool iPad games await you there! And where is Nova's dog Pickle hiding again? Let's see who can find Pickle here...
In Aliya and Paisley's room you'll find lots of cool accessories you can use to snap some fun selfies together with your LEGO Friends.

As a souvenir of all the exciting experiences you had during the LEGO Friendship weekend, you can take home your very own International School Certificate.

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