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LEGO® City

Living in a big city is exciting, turbulent and diverse. This is also the case in LEGO® City, one of ten park areas in the LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort. The inhabitants, the LEGO Friends, go on with their normal life in the LEGO Factory, the Hyundai LEGOLAND Driving School and in the harbour. Of course there is also Asian flair in little Asia, just like in every big city.

Hyundai LEGOLAND Driving School

Children older than seven years whizz around a driving school course with signs, traffic lights and realistic traffic situations in their own Hyundai LEGOLAND speedster. But first, they have to pass a theoretical exam. The learners cruise completely independent in their maximum speed of 6 km/h LEGO look car. At the end of the ride they are rewarded for their efforts with their first own drivers licence. Younger children can practice for traffic in the Hyundai LEGOLAND Junior Driving School.

Harbour Cruise

Children take over the command of the rudders of the captain. They steer the boat completely independent but have to look out for signals and obstacles in the harbour basin. 

Power Builder

Action loving kids can go on a thrilling ride in the Power Builder. The Passenger-Carrying robot whirls around in 360 degrees in all directions, up and down through the air.


This action packed attraction will take you into lofty heights. Experience turbulent adventures in 22 metres altitude and whirl through the air like a tornado on your own dragon. Are you brave enough to try the 360 degrees Spinjitzu Twist and turn on your own axis? Shifting your bodyweight from left do right can turn the dragon around.


Take off to a sightseeing flight trough the LEGOLAND sky. Our airport is enjoyed especially by the young pilots. You fly into lofty heights together with your copilot. You can decide for yourself how high you want to go as the altitude can be regulated with a control stick.