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The future sailors of PIRATE LAND should not be afraid of water, as the blue element plays the main role here. Kids which have always dreamed of becoming pirates can immerse into their dream role in this park area.

Did you know that 120 LEGO® models made of 450,000 LEGO bricks were built for the 5,000 square metres big PIRATE LAND?  Among these models are wild pirates, snappy crocodiles, hungry sharks and many additional figures.

Captain Nick’s Splash Battle

The interactive boat ride leads past grim looking LEGO® pirates and dangerous sharks, straight through an eight metres high skull boulder. The four meters long boat offers room for eight persons each and the guests will have a lot to do to fire the on board mounted water cannons via crank. A good aim is rewarded with action: For example the volcano erupts, when the water jet hits one of the numerous targets.  Passengers and careless spectators beware of water attacks from other ships. However, they can also fire back at the pirates.

Pirate School

Future pirates who are not yet seaworthy can train in the Pirate School for their first operation at sea. The twelve metres long swing boat which turns around its axis while swinging, offers room for up to 16 persons and is completely suitable for landlubbers, as the swell is not so strong.