Strong nerves and a bright mind are required for this park area of LEGOLAND® Deutschland, as the “X” stands for a maXimum of action, speed and thirst for knowledge.


The LEGOLAND® ATLANTIS by SEA LIFE® offers an in Germany unique scenery of different types of tropical fish living together with LEGO® models made of more than one million bricks. LEGO divers are exploring the sunken city of Atlantis and take the guests on an exciting expedition. More than 2,000 fish as well as many other sea creatures live in the indoor underwater world. Especially courageous guests can come close to sharks, rays and co. in an eight meters long glass tunnel.


It is very likely to get wet in the Aquazone Wave Racers, as the drivers jump over waves and water fountains erupt right next to their jet-skis. These fountains can be triggered by the viewers with just one push of a button. Up to two persons can show their dexterity in this fast ride, by evading the water attacks and show their skills at the steering wheel of the water vehicle.   


In the LEGO® MINSTORMS® Centre, the focus is set on playful learning. Clever heads can personally programme a LEGO EV3 unit at a computer in different supervised workshops and can test the functionality of the robot afterwards, by solving given tasks.


Watch your step or you’ll get wet, because here and there water fountains will unexpectedly shoot out of the ground.  Going through without becoming soaked – almost impossible. 

Project X

Race drivers step forward, as Project X is a rollercoaster with a lot of speed. Up to four passengers swish along the sharp turns of the track at high velocity and in cool and colourful LEGO Technic race cars. At the highest point, you will race down a 20 metres high drop, so you’d better be free from giddiness!