Adventure Land


The ADVENTURE LAND is hidden in the jungle surrounded by trees and bushes, wild animals and fantastic creatures. Part of the ADVENTURE LAND is the mysterious KINGDOM OF THE PHARAOHS.

Safari Tour

Go on a big safari in a jeep just like in Africa. Life-sized LEGO® gorillas, giraffes, elephants and lions are just within an arm length next to the track. More than 90 LEGO animals offer excellent and extraordinary photo motives.

Jungle X-pedition

The guests attend an expedition to still undiscovered parts of the jungle on a canoe. The journey leads the adventurers through dense undergrowth and they pass by rock massifs, man-eating plants and into a lagoon in which real dinosaurs survived and onto the peak of a volcano, just to ride down the 12 metres high waterfall.   

Temple X-pedition in the KINGDOM OF THE PHARAOHS

Young and old treasure hunters can immerse into the mystical world of Ancient Egypt in the KINGDOM OF THE PHARAOHS. A five metres high pharaoh statue made of 275,000 LEGO bricks guards the entrance of the indoor-attraction Temple X-pedition, in which the adventurers can go on an interactive scavenger hunt through a dark temple.  Their task is to help the LEGO heroes to find the hidden treasure within the inner parts of the temple. Attention: On their way through the labyrinth the adventurers will not only meet very lively mummies and skeletons but also many other scary creatures.