Official Partner of LEGOLAND Deutschland


What would a trip to LEGOLAND Germany be like without delicious Langnese ice cream? The 'ice' cold sweet treat can be found in many outlets throughout the resort.

The brand has been inspiring its ice cream fans with well-loved classics for more than 80 years.  And this year Langnese is adding exciting new ice creations and unusual flavours for old and young alike:

Magnum Double is the most tempting ice cream for true connoisseurs! And a fresh new raspberry flavour for 2017. 

For Langnese fans it's the long-awaited return of a legend! The ice cream classic Brauner Bär (Brown Bear) from the 70s is back – together with its crispy coating and fabulous caramel centre.

A smoothie on a stick? Solero makes it possible - with the new Solero  Strawberry Smoothie. With extra large fruit pieces, an irresistibly soft smoothie texture and only 49 calories per ice cream!

And specially for young ice cream lovers Langnese has included children's favourite film characters in its range.  Ready for the launch of the new film in July: Minions Gelato! on a stick and available in Vanilla and Bananaaaa flavours.

And with the new Calippo Combo you will find creamy vanilla ice cream topped with refreshing strawberry fruit ice cream all in the same tub for the first time - a dream team to make you melt away!

And visitors who prefer a fresh portion of ice cream or whipped ice cream won't miss out with the huge range of Carte D’Or and Cornetto Soft.

Joint promotional activities and events in the park complete the fruitful cooperation between the two companies.  Langnese wishes all visitors an unforgettable trip to LEGOLAND Park and resort.


Langnese sustainability

It is our aim to make sustainability a routine matter. We work on this every day and have already achieved this with some products, e.g.  the cocoa beans for Magnum Chocolate and the vanilla for Cremissimo Bourbon Vanilla, are from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

And an increasing number of the fruits we use in our products are sustainably grown.  In addition to this we have imposed strict regulations on ourselves so that the first priority is to enjoy our ice creams rather than to have a guilty conscience.

Did you know that?

  • And far from being a calorie bomb: a portion of most of the ice creams contains less fat than most chocolate bars.  And a Magnum Classic contains around the same amount of sugar as a 150g pot of fruit yoghurt.
  • Licking an ice cream makes you happy! What young ice cream fans have been trying to tell their parents since time immemorial is now officially proven: Unilever ice cream and Langnese have discovered through scientific research that the 'happy centre' of the brain is stimulated when you eat ice cream.

Unilever - a global overview

Data & Facts

  • With over 400 brands there is barely any other company that affects the everyday life of so many people in so many different ways.
  • Every day 2 billion people  worldwide use Unilever products to look good, to feel good, to get more out of life - and thus give us the unique opportunity to work with our consumers to build a better future. 
  • Around 169,000 employees worldwide work for Unilever.
  • Every year Unilever invests nearly one billion euros in research and development.
  •  Our Head Offices are located in London and Rotterdam.
  • In 2015 Unilever was once again the leading  sustainable company in the household goods sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Sustainable brands

Together for a better future

No matter which brand and where it can be bought, each product should contribute its share towards our vision - making sustainability an routine matter.

Five priorities are at the forefront of our brand campaigns:

  • A better future for our children
  • A healthier future
  • A more confident future
  • A better future for our planet
  • A better future for the countryside

Unilever DACH

Data & Facts

  • In 2012 Unilever won the German Sustainability Award in the "Most sustainable future strategy" category.
  • In DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) Unilever is supported by around 5600 employees.
  • In 2016, as in previous years, Unilever is also one of the most attractive employers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland according to a Universum survey.


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