Official Partner of LEGOLAND Deutschland


With Langnese®, the market leader for ice cream, Unilever has been one of the official partners of LEGOLAND® Deutschland since the park first opened. There are several ice cream stations in the park offering the great Langnese products during the whole season. Chocolate gourmets, milk lovers and fruit fans – in LEGOLAND there is ice cream for every visitor's favorite taste.

Every year, there are new surprising innovations within the Langnese range. This year, ice cream such as Magnum Temptation, exciting kids' products, Carte D'Or - the new premium ice cream with an Italian flair - or Cornetto Soft will sweeten the visitors' day. Another special feature at the park is the Langnese® SWIRLS shop, where everyone can create his individual soft-ice with his own favorite and creative toppings.


Company profile

Langnese is one of the most famous brands for ice cream. Classics such as „Happen", „Domino", „Capri" and „Nogger" are very popular since being launched. Every year the consumers find some special innovations on the Langnese ice cream board.


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