Explore our creatures

Which creatures are your favourites? Here at SEA LIFE Munich you can make up your mind and see them all - from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you’ll be able to get closer to them than ever before.
Many of our creatures are on the endangered list, have been rescued and cannot be released into the wild or have been born and bred as part of our SEA LIFE conservation projects. Let’s explore our creatures.

Black Tip Reef Shark

Watch our elegant Blacktip Reef Sharks in the amazing tropical Ocean Tank. Blacktip Reef Sharks are among the most popular Sharks inhabiting the tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, because Blacktip Reef Sharks prefer shallow, inshore waters. They are typical in appearance of how humans imagine a shark to look, and can be seen at our big ocean tank!



Green Sea Turtle

The Green Sea Turtle has a wide distribution and is found in subtropical and tropical seas of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean.
Compared to fish, turtles need to appear to the surface to breathe. A notable feature of the turtles is that the females swim thousands of miles across the oceans to lay their eggs on the same beach where they were born.


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