Jungle X-pedition

Jungle X-pedition


    Following the footsteps of our hero Johnny Thunder, the Jungle X-pedition leads you through an unexplored tract of rainforest right up to the peak of a big volcano. Along the way you will not only pass through dangerous places but discover fascinating LEGO® animals as well. The highlight of the trip is a steep 12-meter water slide leading from the peak of the volcano right down into the lagoon.

    Express Pass

    Minimum size: 120 cm (100 cm if accompanied by an adult)
    Minimum age: 8 years (4 years if accompanied by an adult)

    Ride not suitable for infants Ride not suitable for guests with neck or back issues Ride not suitable for people with cardiac problems Ride not suitable for guests with epilepsy Ride not suitable for pregnant women You will get wet!

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