NEW: Pirate's Bowling in the Holiday Village 

You can enjoy the eight bowling alleys at LEGOLAND® Holiday Village all year round.


Drop by with your friends or bring the whole family along: either way you’re guaranteed a good time and lots of fun at our LEGO® Pirate World.


Please note: You don't need admission tickets for LEGOLAND.




Pirates are always well prepared!


Here you can plan your visit at Pirate's Bowling very accurately. In case you follow these instructions very carefully you will succeed certainly.


PS: You can celebrate your birthday here. More information >



Prices & Opening hours

Opened: Monday-Sunday: 2pm - 11pm
2pm-6pm 16,00€/hour and alley 
6pm-11pm 22,00€/hour and alley 

2pm-6pm 20.00€/hour and alley 
6pm-11pm 22.00€/hour and alley 

2.00€ additional lending fee for bowling shoes per person.


For reservations please call +49 (0)8221 - 700 94 96 (from 9:00 am).

Please note: There is a restiction of 8 people max. per alley.