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A fascinating movie adventure is waiting for you!

No matter which of the 3 movies you choose, due to surprising and exciting 4D-effects you will always get the feeling your were right inside the action. Take on your glasses, hold on to your seats and enjoy the show…


LEGO® LEGENDS OF CHIMA™ - 4D Movie Xperience 

Don't miss the thrilling new 4D Movie Xperience where you and the young animals participate in a wild chase through Chima, and advertantly becoming entwined in a battle for CHI between the Laval the Lion Prince, and Cragger the Crocodile Prince. Feel the full power of CHI - only at LEGO® STUDIOS in LEGOLAND.


Clutch Powers
Superhero Clutch Powers and his team are on a very important mission! They should pick up a secret package in LEGO® City and safely deliver it to the crazy professor. This mission rapidly turns into an exciting adventure, where the team has to cope with several barriers. Will the professor receive his package undamaged?


On their mission to free the kingdom from an evil curse, the blacksmith and his friends are on an adventurous trip. Some dark figures try to trap them on their way. Soon they find out that they can only succeed if they work together as a team.
Will the blacksmith and his friends save the kingdom?

  • Ride not suited for guests with epilepsy.
  • Ride not suited for infants.
  • Loud music and special effects.
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