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How do I get into the park with my online ticket?
There are specially indicated turnstiles at the main entrance. Look for the sign "Online Tickets". It is not necessary to exchange your printed online tickets for different tickets. With your online tickets, you can go straight through the turnstile and into the park without queuing.


Can I also order Annual Passes to print at home?
Yes, you can order Annual Passes online here. You can also upgrade your ticket on site on the day of your visit. If you already have an Annual Pass, you can renew online.


What happens if I lose my printed online ticket or if I don’t receive the mail?
Please print the order confirmation at the end of your order progress. This document contains your Order ID. Please bring this document with you on the day of your visit and present it at the LEGOLAND Deutschland Guest Service. Your online tickets can be reprinted on site.
If you´ve also deleted or lost your order confirmation, please call us on +49 (0)1806 - 700 757 01*. We will resend the mail with your online tickets, if the tickets are still valid. If, however, your online ticket has already been used, e.g. by someone who has found it, then it can no longer be replaced. The first use of the ticket counts. The owner is responsible for the safekeeping of his or her own tickets.


What happens if I do not use my ticket?
The validity of the ticket can't be extended to the next season.


What  is the latest I can order tickets and still receive them in time for my visit to the park?
30 minutes before visiting the park.


How can I pay?
You can only pay by credit card. We accept the following credit cards: Master Card, VISA and JCB.


Can I return my online ticket?
No. A refund is unfortunately not possible.


Is online ordering really safe?
Yes. Communication between the browser and the server is encrypted with an encryption rate of 128 bits SSL.


What is the MasterCard SecureCode about?

MasterCard SecureCode is a new service that enhances your existing MasterCard card. A private code gives added protection against unauthorized use of your card. Click here for more details.


What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa protects your card against unauthorised use and gives you peace of mind when shopping online. Click here for more details.


What does an online ticket look like?
A specimen can be found here.


Where can I find out about the booking terms?
Please follow the links to view our Internet booking terms and our Terms and Conditions.


Is a black-and-white printout sufficient?
Yes. The important thing is that the barcode must be clearly printed. Please ensure that you have enough ink (toner) in your printer.

Can I print several online tickets together on an A4 sheet paper?
No. Because of the size and legibility of the barcode, each online ticket must be printed on a separate A4 sheet.

What types of ticket can I order?
1-day tickets, Family tickets, Family F&B Tickets, Merlin and LEGOLAND Annual Passes and Merlin and LEGOLAND 4 for 3 Annual Pass are available online.

Is the online ticket transferable?
Before they have been used, 1-day tickets can be transferred within the same category of visitor (children, adults, senior citizens). It goes without saying that each online ticket can only be used once.
I have a voucher for LEGOLAND Deutschland. Can I use it when ordering tickets?
Vouchers for admission discounts cannot be used when ordering tickets online and are generally only accepted when purchasing tickets directly from the ticket booths at the park.

How long are online tickets valid?
Undated online tickets are valid on any day of your choice during the 2015 season. Dated Tickets are valid on the selected date only. Please note the exact opening times of LEGOLAND Deutschland.

*20 cent per call, via mobile max. 60 cent per call; charges from abroad may vary depending on the provider