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The attractions at LEGOLAND® Deutschland

More than 50 amazing ride attractions, fascinating shows and workshops, and models made from 55 million LEGO® bricks await families with children between the ages of three and twelve at LEGOLAND® Deutschland in Günzburg in Bavaria. At Germany’s most child-friendly park (Parkscout Award 2012/13), the motto is “Play your part!”. At the different theme areas, kids can slip into their favourite roles, playing pirate, inventor, princess, knight or treasure-hunter to create their own individual LEGOLAND adventure. Whether it’s wild flying fun in the Flying Ninjago, a speedy ride on the Fire Dragon, an exciting dive in the underwater world of LEGOLAND ATLANTIS by SEA LIFE™, an expedition to explore the LEGO Factory and MINILAND, or just a bit of water and fun at Captain Nick’s Splash Battle – with creativity and fantasy, there is lots to discover and explore. And there is a wide range of culinary options to choose from to cater for all tastes.


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MINILAND: Everyday life in miniature


The MINILAND theme area has always been the centrepiece of all the LEGOLAND® Parks, and Günzburg is no exception, where it forms the hub of the eight worlds of adventure. For MINILAND in LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort, the model designers used more than 25 million standard commercial LEGO® bricks to replicate buildings of national and international renown on a scale of 1:20. MINILAND is a world of its own. Here visitors can explore famous European cities and landscapes and discover far-away galaxies at the LEGO STAR WARS™ Model Display.


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The wonderful world of LEGOLAND® model building


Model designers – creators of the LEGO® world

There are buildings, animals, and people, made of millions of commercial LEGO® bricks, to be discovered and marvelled at LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort in Günzburg, Bavaria. Before the Park opened its gates in May 2002, 140 model designers in the Danish town of Billund (home to the headquarters of the LEGO Company) were hard at work for three year planning, building and then transporting the new models to be set up in Günzburg. After more than 10 years, a total of more than 55 million LEGO bricks have now been used in the entire Park, and in the neighbouring LEGOLAND Holiday Village more than three million bricks have been used. The local model team is responsible for maintaining the existing models and for the steady addition of new LEGO works of art. Furthermore, the model designers are also involved in the development of new parks: for example, many of the models for the sixth, newest park in Malaysia were built in Günzburg.


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Partners of LEGOLAND® Deutschland


Since the opening of the park ten years ago, LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort has been working with strategic partners from different branches of the economy. From these long-term and industry-exclusive cooperative partnerships, unique possibilities for joint projects have emerged. A wide range of common marketing initiatives form the basis of these partnerships. The companies concerned are among the leaders in their respective fields and share the philosophy and values of the park. In addition, they benefit from the family-friendly approach to LEGOLAND visitors and they are imaginatively integrated into the Park and Holiday Village environment.


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The history of the LEGOLAND® Parks


Almost 50 years ago Godtfred Kirk Christiansen opened the world’s first LEGOLAND® Park at the headquarters of the LEGO® Group in the Danish town of Billund. The idea proved a hit! After some further developments and refinements to the concept, in the 1990s the company decided to export the successful format to other countries, too. The plan took off and the six LEGOLAND Parks are now among the world’s leading amusement parks, with a visit featuring very high on the wish list of families with children.


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The Merlin Entertainments Group


Since the sale of the four LEGOLAND® Parks worldwide by the LEGO® Group in July 2005, LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort has belonged to the British-based leisure concern Merlin Entertainments Group, headquartered in the English city of Poole. Merlin Entertainments is Europe’s leading name in location-based, family entertainment, and has seen the most successful and dynamic growth of any company in the sector over the last five years. With its 94 attractions, seven hotels and two holiday villages in 21 countries and across four continents by now, Merlin is Europe’s Number 1 and the world’s second-largest visitor attraction operator.


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LEGO® Group dates and facts


The LEGO Group: The LEGO Group has its roots in Billund, Denmark, which remains the company’s base to this very day. It was here, that LEGO founder Ole Kirk Christiansen began producing wooden toys in 1932. Since then, the family has turned the company, which used to be a small workshop, into the world’s second largest toy manufacturer in terms of sales. LEGO is now represented in over 130 countries and has more than 11,000 employees, worldwide. The Group’s German subsidiary was founded in 1956. The name “LEGO” is a combination of the two Danish words “leg” and “godt,” meaning “play well”.


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