Without the Lechwerke power company (LEW), LEGOLAND Deutschland would come to a standstill. The company, which belongs to the RWE Group, supplies the whole park and large areas of the surrounding region with power. As a strategic partner, LEW provides LEGOLAND visitors with useful facts about electricity and energy.


Working models, such as a solar-powered windmill and a big wheel in MINILAND, give visitors to the park the chance to marvel at how energy is produced. The Lechwerke power company is also integrated into the Galileo World of Science: at existing LEGOLAND attractions, visitors can experience physical phenomena at first hand. This hands-on learning serves as the basis for imparting syllabus-relevant topics clearly. The main focus here is on electricity: visitors young and old learn in a fun way about how electricity gets from the power station to the socket.


The cooperation between LEGOLAND Deutschland and LEW goes far beyond the mere presence in the park and extends, for example, to the easy living card. The Lechwerke power company operates reference systems for sustainable energy use in the LEGOLAND holiday village: a photovoltaic system on the roof of the restaurant, a solar thermal collector for hot water production and two inverter heat pumps in one of the 45 chalets.